Why it’s okay to be sad

A couple of weeks ago, an old friend of mine ask me to blog about sadness.
She said: „Anyone expect you to be happy all the time. If you get dumped, lose somebody you love (i.e. a close person died) or experience any other kind of loss, society expects you to get over it in three days and that’s it. It’s like you have no right to be sad for longer. I have a friend and her grandma died a year ago and sometimes she is still sad about that.“ 

(Why „3 days“? – Because here in germany you can stay 3 days at home when your mum or dad dies, then you have to get back to work)

I thought a lot about her words and wrote an article in the german section of my blog about that topic. It was an article to encourage sad people, to be sad if it’s that what they need at that very moment. While writing the article, I thought about me and my position as a blogger. I write about motivation, about working hard and not giving up and I stay for what I say. I believe in it. And I still think, that you shouldn’t drown in your sadness. It’s all about balance, like it is in any other part of your life.

But within this balance, I also believe in „being sad“. I think it is so necessary to know this, that I decided to make it todays topic in my english section, too. So let me tell you, in simple and clear words:

Hello you. It’s okay being sad sometimes. When you lost somebody, no matter how, it is okay to feel sad. It’s okay to cuddle up, sip on proteinshakes and torture your netflix account. It’s okay being sad, when things doesn’t go the way they used to. Be as sad as you want for as long as you want. If somebody died a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, it’s okay to be still sad about it sometimes.

As long as you don’t let that feeling destroy you, but feel it, so it can leave your system, it’s pretty healthy to be sad sometimes. So go on, be sad. Cry, if you want to. Don’t drown in it, but experience it. And when you are strong enough to come back: Come back. 

There is no need to „get over“ some things. To go ahead, you have to learn to live with things, you have to accept them and move on, but you can still be sad about them, as long as you want to. 

I will go on, writing about motivation, getting your ass up and how to get what you want. Because that’s what I love. I love to motivate and inspire people to not give up but get up and chase their dreams. That’s what I’m doing, right now. I chase my dreams and since my journey started, a lot of incredible amazing things happened and a lot of really cool opportunities turned up. I didn’t always had the guts to take them, but I’m still learning, still growing and still evolving every day. And sometimes, I’m sad about some things. But that’s okay. Because I embrace and experience my sadness. As long as I need to do that.

And after that, I attack anew. More hungry, more confident and stronger than before. Because every reason for being sad is a struggle – and every struggle will make you more resistant. So go on, be sad, be human. And after that, when you’re ready for it, attack your life like you never did before.


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