If you don’t believe in yourself, why should I?

I think we all know the feeling about wanting somebody to believe in us.
The term „they don’t belive in me“ comes far too often with the struggle to acutally DO something.
It seems like, when nobody believes in you, you can’t do it – right?

First: Giving other people the fault of your own lack of competence and movement doesn’t make you going anywhere. So quit that. Immediately.
It’s not other peoples job to believe in you, so you can move forward. It’s up to YOU.
YOU have to believe in yourself, so that other people can believe in you, too.

Because you have to give first, it’s always like this. You have to make the decision to become stronger, better, faster. You have to actually decide to do something and to believe in yourself, succeeding.

Decide what you want and then make that first step. It doesn’t have to be a perfect step, but a step. You can make mistakes along the way, turn around and take another road. You can and you will struggle, you will fall and you will come back stronger. Along your way, the journey will add more and more people that are believing in you, cheering you on and helping you out. But this is not where it starts. At the beginning, nearly everybody would be sceptical. They’ll just don’t get it, until you believe in yourself and show them what it is you want and that it works for you.

Why should I believe in a person, that doesn’t believe in itself? A person, that doesn’t believe in itself, wouldn’t make that decision. Wouldn’t make that first step. And therefore doesn’t go anywhere. Do you think you are strong enough for the whole journey, if you can’t stand being the only person believing in yourself at the beginning?

Well, some of us have that person right from the beginning. A loving mother, father, uncle, aunt, sibling, friend, whatever. That person, telling us „no matter what, I believe in you“. But they really don’t. They want to believe in us. Because they love us and they want us to succeed. But that’s a difference. And it’s still your job to believe in yourself and your goals and it’s your job to make them work. So that our beloved ones finally really can believe in us.


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