Make your 9am a 6am on weekends

If you really want to succeed, you have to give up some things you are doing right now.
Why? Because the things you are doing now, the decisions you’re making, the habits you have – all of it leads you to one and only one point: The live you are living right now

You decided to eat this and that. You decided not to train.
You decided to skip that homework or to rather lay on the couch and watching tv than study.
You decided to go out and party, rather than reading books and educate yourself after school.

All the things that sourround yourself right now are the things you drawn into your life, because of the decisions you’ve made and the actions you’ve taken – or the actions you don’t.

If you want your live to change, you have to change yourself first. For changing your live, you have to change your actions, your decisions, your thinking.

Change your mind and you will change your world.

Change the way you eat and the way you train (or don’t train) if you want to built a fitter and healthier body.
Change the tv for books and seminars, if you want to be better in what you’re doing.
Change the way you react to things that happen in your life.

Read. Learn. Train. Evolve.

Make your tv-time your reading time. Make your party-time your training time. Make your stubbornness your open mind. Make your 9am on weekends your 6am.

Get up and get go. Work for what you want. Start it. And start it now.

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