Stop listening to negative bullshit

Do you know whats happening if you stop listening to negative bullshit?
Amazing things.

If there is something you want to achieve, there is probably somebody who is trying to talk you out of it.
„You can’t do this.“
Or, if you don’t listen to that, they will push harder.
„You’ve changed.“
„You’re arrogant.“
„I don’t know who you are anymore.“

The further you come, the more personal they get. First the try to tell you, you can’t do it, then they tell you, you should not do it. If none of this works, they go personal and try to convince you, you’re not a good person. Or that nobody likes you, if you go on.

Really? People don’t like you, because you grow? Because you chase your dreams, work for your business, learn something or go hard in the gym? If somebody stops liking you because you’re becoming the person you wanna be, know what? Let them.

Let them stop loving you. Let them stop liking you. Let them tell you „I don’t wanna be your friend anymore, because you go after what you want and I don’t“. Just let them.

Stop paying attention to their ambitions to belittle your actions. Stop listening to their negative bullshit. Don’t let them convince you in anyway that you’re not good enough. Because you move. And therefore you show them, that they don’t. People don’t like that. But that is none of your business.

You are responsible for your life. And so are they. If they wanna waste it, telling other people they can’t achive what they want just because they can’t do it – let them. But stop listening to them.


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