Cheating on the grind is cheating on yourself

I won’t lie, there was a time, I did it myself. I went to the gym and don’t give it 110%. I cheated in the gym. And I cheated on my diet. Until I figured something out: You can’t cheat the grind and you can’t cheat your diet.
So all I did was cheating on myself.

When you find yourself cheating, you really should ask yourself: Why am I doing this?

Why do you went to the gym daily or at least two or three times a week?
Why do you post pictures of your healthy food?
Why are you trying to loose weight?

Are you doing it for somebody else?
Because when you doing it for yourself and when you’re 100% dedicated – you won’t cheat on yourself.

Remember why you started this in the first place. What was your spark, the reason why you join this lifestyle?

Let me be clear on this one: This is not easy. A beast doesn’t look like a beast, because he chills at the gym, staring on his phone and chat with his friends. He lifts the fucking weights.

And this girl, hot as hell? She doesn’t got THAT body from drinking all night and hanging out in the clubs. She is home, doing mealprep after working out.

You want this? Stop cheating. Put in the effort, give it all you got – and then go further and give it some more.

Keep rocking.


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