Why are you here?

Do you know, why are you here? I mean, here – on this planet, in your country, in your city, in your own life.

Why are you here? Why are you given the talents that you are given? Why do you look the way you look? Think the way you think? And do the things you do? Did you ever questioned your life? Asking yourself, if there is more than just the mediocre life you’re living right now?

I did. 

Years ago, I wasn’t the woman that I am now. Fitness helped me developing myself. Through fitness I learned, what it means to fight. What it means, to want something so so bad, that you rather sweat, hurt and lying on the floor, gasping for air, than giving up.

But fitness wasn`t my beginning. It all starts with a spark. A spark that was born in the very moment, I’d made a decision, that changed my life completely.

The decision was, to not drink a glass of wine and go on with my life as I’m doing for years. The decision was, to empty the bottle right down the sink and throw away all the unhealthy foods I had in my kitchen.

This decision, I made years ago. And since then, there are new decisions to make. Every. Single. Day.

This lifestyle isn’t always easy. „If it was easy, everybody would do it“  – right?
But you know what? This lifestyle is worth it.

Because my spark led me directly to this lifestyle. It led me to a way, on which I always have to fight, but on which I am groing stronger every single day.

Years ago, I was walking straight into hell. My stomach was aching. I had a lot of headaches. I went blind for a minute or so. My nerves aching so much I can’t use my arms. I went to see several doctors, but they all telling me, that I was fine. No damage. And still I felt the pain. At my worst point, I was lying in my bed at night and believed that there was an earthquake. There are no earthquakes in germany and I knew it. But still, I could feel the room shaking. Still I was crying, because of the fear, the house would crashing right down on me. And the only thing that kept me from running out of the house this night was the thought: „There are no earthquakes in germany.“

I was a desaster and though was my life. I hated my job. At work, they tell me that I was dumb. And I let them. In the end, I believed it myself. I felt dumb, I said silly things and I made a lot of mistakes. At home? There was nobody but my friends on the internet. I hang on there every free minute of my day and night. Some weeks, I sleep only an hour the night, until I have to leave for work. Some weekends, I don’t slept at all. I stand up three days in a row, so that I could stay online and escape my life.

Until this special moment, I made a lot of mistakes and I made a lot of wrong decisions. It took me years to make the first right decision. And sometimes, I still make mistakes. But I’m getting better at making the right decisions.

Today, I’m happy. I’m very grateful for all the things that I have today. For all the goals I have accomplished. For all the people I got to know. For my new self esteem. For all the things I’ve learned since then.

This way costs me a lot. I had to make sacrifices. I lost friends. My heart got broken. And sometimes, I felt alone. Because the internet wasn’t there anymore. Well, it IS there. It’s always waiting. If you want to escape life, it is so easy. But I don’t wanted to escape life anymore. I don’t wanted to escape my purpose.

Because I am here for a reason. 

I had to suffer. I had to got my heart broken and I had to experience loss and pain and fear.
Because I was meant to grow strong. Now I’m stronger than ever and I still grow stronger. Every day, every experience and every fear that I’d overcome, I learn from.

Life punched me very hard, but back then I needed to be punched. I was so lost that I needed that kick from life.

I needed to suffer all this, to grew strong and to learn. I was born with a talent. I’m very good at using words. I am very good in inspiring and motivating people. But I was too shy, too weak and too quiet to be heard.
Now I’m strong, I’m loud and I’m very dedicated.

I’m dedicated to inspire you, to help you to outgrow yourself and to become the person you are meant to be.

So let’s find an answer to the most important question in your life: Why are you here?


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